The Youth & Family Institute is a faith-based non-profit organization that seeks to strengthen congregations and families to nurture faith, pass on the faith, and live well in Christ. We have a rich history and receive funding through a variety of sources – individuals, congregations, and grants.

The Institute sponsors the Passing On Faith Conference and training events. Our staff and Associates are also available to speak, teach and preach. It has developed a multitude of resources that have helped thousands of parents, grandparents, godparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors and friends make a lasting and positive difference in the lives of children. The Institute has created faith formation activities that are relevant and designed to fit into the routines and schedules of today’s households.

Through our bookstore we offer numerous books, DVDs and other educational resources which provide practical tools and ideas to help families and congregations nurture faith and mark faith milestones such as baptism, learning to pray, first communion, confirmation, getting a driver’s license, leaving home, marriage, and the death of a loved one.

The Institute also equips church leaders in evangelism, discipleship and leadership skills through consultations and coaching. This mentoring process provides a hands-on approach for implementing a holistic model of youth and family ministry into their congregational settings where faith is passed from one generation to another.

The Institute’s staff is composed of program staff, that lead our conferences and training events and provide coaching and consulting services; warehouse staff, that oversee the distribution of our resources; and administrative staff, that deal with the marketing and daily operations of our organization. We invite you to learn more about our staff and how they may support you in your ministry efforts.

Our Friends in Ministry
The Youth & Family Institute is committed to the future of the family, the future of the church, and the partnership of both as indispensable components of passing on the faith to future generations. Listed below are a few links to organizations that join us in this endeavor.

Augsburg College (major in youth and family ministry)
Center for Youth Ministry at Wartburg Seminary (Certification School)
Concordia University, St. Paul (College of Vocation and Ministry)
Luther Seminary (degrees in children, youth and family ministry)

The Youth & Family Institute has established relationships with numerous gifted individuals who serve as Associates of The Youth & Family Institute. These are skilled presenters, who lead seminars and conferences in areas that connect to the vision and mission of The Institute. To learn more about our Associates and how they might enhance your ministry efforts, please contact Susan Debner, our Director of Conferences and Training Events.

Contact Us
The Institute is open Monday – Friday (8:00am – 4:30pm CST). If you have any doubt or need any help, please contact us.

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